When does winter start ?


It is one of the seasons of the year, is confined between autumn and spring, and is characterized by the coolness of its atmosphere, rainfall and sometimes showers of snow that clears the ground, and the quantity of these showers varies from one geographical area to another, where heights are abundant compared to plains and marshes, as they increase as we head towards the freezing pole.

The beginning of winter

Winter starts on the 23rd of December and lasts until the 21st of March each year. Winter is divided into three intervals depending on the nature of the weather conditions prevailing therein.

They are as follows:

  • Cold Winter Period

This period begins with the end of autumn at the beginning of the second week of September, and ends with the fifth day of January, where the atmosphere during the day is mild and gentle, and during recent days it turns into a cold and very cold atmosphere, especially in the night hours, as the sprawliness begins during this period and strong showers begin. Temperatures range from twenty to thirty degrees, and the smallest is limited to five degrees.

  • Peak Winter Period

This period begins in the last days of the first week of January, and ends with the fifth day of February, where the cold atmosphere of winter is at its peak and peak, and cold and fast air waves, which are characterized by dry atmosphere and sharp cool. Temperatures range from twenty-eight to eighteen degrees, the middle temperature is twenty-three degrees, while smaller degrees swing between five and minus ten degrees.

  • Gentle Winter Period

This period starts from the last days of the first week of February, extends until the 6th of March with the beginning of spring, and is characterized by the warmest periods of winter, where temperatures begin to moderate during daylight hours, while overnight temperatures remain between relatively cool and gentle. Recent days also include some spring rains, and temperatures swing during this period between thirty-three and twenty-three degrees, with a middle temperature of twenty-eight degrees, and a small rate of eight degrees, especially at the beginning of this period.





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