What is Environmental science?


What is environmental sciences?

Hello here’s a brief description on the emerging field environmental science that what is this field and how well to study and join this field. Is beneficial or not? What scope this field have and jobs after completing this degree.

What is environmental sciences?

It is defined as the inter disciplinary field of sciences which interact with hydrology, climatology, biology, physiological and chemically to any material or substance around us. An environmentalist focus on the economics, social and anthropogenic activities to sustain the environment. In environmental sciences students and experts not only focus on studies and environment they also try and make steps to handle the environmental issues and changes. Environmentalist consult the problems and develop plans for sustainability.

Major fields of environmental sciences:

Fields of environmental sciences are too much but major are five. Each one is the interaction and multiple study of too many small fields of sciences. Some major are:

  1. Social sciences:
  2. Geo sciences:
  3. Atmospheric sciences:
  4. Environmental chemistry:
  5. Ecology:

Courses in environmental sciences:

In this multidisciplinary field there’s a huge subjects to study to become a environmentalist. To handle environmental issues, sustainability and management. Some major courses to study are:

  1. Introduction to environment:
  2. Environmental management system:
  3. Air and noise pollution:
  4.  Biodiversity:
  5.  Biology:
  6. Occupational health and safety:
  7. Environmental chemistry:
  8. Environmental microbiology:
  9. Climatology:
  10. Soil sciences:

Jobs in environmental sciences:

  1. Environmental consultant:
  2. Environmental officer:
  3. In NGOs:
  4. Recycling officer:
  5. Natural resources manager:
  6. Professor:
  7. Environmental educator:
  8. Environmental engineer:


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Namira fatima - Aug 27, 2022, 7:03 PM - Add Reply

Good .... Your knowledge about the environment is good 👍 keep it up....

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