What Is Depression?

Depression is such a condition where people are tired of every thing .

People do not know what they are doing they just to end their life .

People need some guidelines to eliminate such thoughts from their mind to start something new.

Due to some societies issues people are have pressure to take such steps .

But life is all about turn and twists we have to face each and every thing but it does not mean we leave the journey in the middle of life .

People think it is a joke but only those people can feel this pain those which are suffering right now depression of victim think no more excitement is left in this world.suddenly they think they are useless they have no ability to achieve anything in this world with time condition of a depression person become.worst .

Now different people have different opinion regarding it some says that it can be overcome by taking medication and some think that mostly it depends upon the environment in which a person is living I am also the same person I am suffering from depression since years but every one is taking it lightly no body can feel the pain but according to me if a environment is good you can automatically become okay without any medication.


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Kirrat - Aug 10, 2022, 4:23 PM - Add Reply


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Sana - Aug 10, 2022, 4:26 PM - Add Reply

Just love yourself 😄

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