Top 10 dangerous games that got banned

Top 10 dangerous games that have been banned 

10)Manhunt 2:

This game was made in 2004. In this game, a player has to save his life from a person who wants to kill him with his goons. This dangerous game was having a bad effect on the children. The game was a disaster in England. when a boy was killed by his friend because he was too addicted to this game. The game was banned in the UK in 2007.


There is no violence in this game. But in this game a kid who is bullied by other school kids. This game had such a bad effect on the minds of children that they would be victims of bullying in the same way. In 2008, the game was banned by Brazil.


This game was made in 1981. In this game players have to fight against Hitler's army. But this game was only banded in Germany.


This is a horror game from 2017. In this game, the player has to close the switches of a house and avoid the horror character, but this game was banded in Bangladesh.

6)Dead rising 3:

This is a survival game in which you have to face zombies. Well, it was a normal game, but it was banned in Germany because they said that these zombies look like humans.In Germany such a Violence games are banned.

5)Mad World:

This game is considered as one of the most dangerous games. This game was released in 2009. This game has the most bloodshed. The game was banned in Germany and other countries started calling for the game to be banned.

4) Silent Hill home coming:

This game was released in 1999. The game has a lot of violence. The game was controversial from the start. Due to all the controversies, the game was banned in Australia.

3)rule of rose:

it was a horror game like released in 2006 in this game it is seen that there is a girl in 1920 whose parents are dead this game is based on this girl this game in england Banded.


This game is said to be the most dangerous game in history. In this game the player hates humans. He kills humans wherever he sees them. Soon after the game's release in several countries. Band on this game.


The theme of this game was dark in which the player kills the children of a school, the player can become a terrorist and also a policeman. People filed a petition against this game, after some time this game was banned.


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