Ten most interesting facts about late Queen Elizabeth II

From 6 February 1952 until her passing on 8 September 2022, Elizabeth II reigned as Queen of the United Kingdom. Her 70 years and 214 days of reign were the second-longest of any emperor of a sovereign state. Following are the ten most interesting facts about late Queen Elizabeth:

  1. All dolphins placed in British waters belonged to Queen Elizabeth. Due to an odd law that has been in place for almost 700 years, the Queen is the sole owner of all dolphins and whales found in British waters.
  2. The only British individual who could lawfully drive without a licence was Queen Elizabeth. Although Queen Elizabeth II was frequently shown behind the wheel of a vehicle, she didn't possess a driver's licence. She was actually the only individual in the UK who was permitted to drive without a valid licence. Also, she was exempt from having to have a number plate on her vehicle.
  3. The Queen didn't need a British passport to travel abroad. The Queen did not need a British passport because they are issued in Her Highnesses name.
  4. Queen Elizabeth was exempt from paying taxes. The material also sheds light on the mystery surrounding the Queen's initial exemption from paying income tax, which is another factor supporting its significance. When she ascended to the throne in 1952, the government of Winston Churchill must have reasoned that in those hard times, when rationing akin to that during a time of war was still in effect, it could keep the Civil List down if it gave the new monarch tax breaks so that she would have extra money in her private purse to fund some of her public expenses, which might otherwise have been paid for by the taxpayer.
  5. A royal documentary has shown that the Queen had her very own ATM and Post Office at Buckingham Palace. The royals' preferred bank, Coutts, had placed an ATM at the Palace.
  6. Queen Elizabeth had the power to choose any British parliamentarian.
  7. The Queen sent her first royal email ever had on March 26, 1976, creating her own piece of technological history. When Her Majesty sent the email, she was in Malvern, touring the Royal Signals and Radar Establishment, a hub for communications research. She made use of the ARPANET, a computer network that would later develop into the modern internet.
  8. Queen Victoria was Queen Elizabeth's great-grandmother. The second longest-reigning monarch, Queen Victoria, her great-grandmother, reigned for 63 years.
  9. She became the very first member of the throne to serve on active duty in the British Armed Forces when she enlisted in the women's division of the British Army during World War Two. Queen Elizabeth II came to the throne in 1952.
  10. The fact that, as Australia's Head of State, Queen Elizabeth also had the right to remove the whole Australian government demonstrates just how powerful she was.

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