Suffering from Anxiety disorder

Suffering from Anxiety disorder.

Excessive worry, continued fear that something bad is going to happen, and lack of control over thoughts are common challenges for those suffering from anxiety disorders. They are increasingly frequent psychiatric illnesses in the world, and may also be associated with other problems, such as depression, bruxism, and bipolar disorder.

In addition to emotional suffering, the individual who has this condition can be affected by physical symptoms such as hot flashes, dizziness, stomach pains, nausea, hyperventilation, cardiac arrhythmia, and sweating. It is as if the body goes into a state of alert constantly, even for no apparent reason, immobilizing the individual and impairing their quality of life. 

As stated by the World Health Organization, Brazil is the country with the highest number of anxious population in the world, with about nineteen million people affected by this condition. The treatment of cases is usually carried out through medication, always prescribed by the doctor, and psychotherapy.

The quality of sleep should also be taken into account in the treatment. After all, spending sleepless nights and sleeping a few hours a day are factors that tend to worsen anxiety disorders. At the same time, Brazil is the first country in cases of anxiety. Sixty-five of Brazilians report having problems with sleep, according to a study carried out by experts.

So, what is the relationship between sleep and anxiety, and why should poor sleep make anxiety levels worse? When a child feels very sleepy and is prevented from sleeping, usually, his first reactions are to cry and kick, because of the very irritability. With an adult, the effect is quite similar, but maturity prevents him from having such a flashy reaction. 

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