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Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi was born on October 5, 1952 in Lahore, the second largest city of Pakistan.  He belongs to Niazi, a tribe of Pathans, his father's name was Akramullah Khan Niazi and his mother's name was Shaukat Khanum.  Imran Khan is the only son of his parents.


As a boy, Imran Khan was a shy and self-absorbed person.  He received his primary education from Lahore and being from a large family, he was sent to Britain for higher education.  From there he specialized in political science, philosophy and economics.  In 1971, he joined cricket and was appointed captain of the Oxford University cricket team. Imran Khan then joined the national team. He continued to give his best performance, but later he announced his retirement, but on the insistence of President Zia-ul-Haq, he again took over the captaincy of the team and worked tirelessly, the fruit of which we get in the form of the 1992 World Cup. In 1985, his mother succumbed to cancer. It had a deep impact on Imran Khan and therefore he campaigned in Pakistan and appealed for donations at domestic and foreign levels. People trusted Imran Khan and finally Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital Lahore was inaugurated in 1994.


Imran Khan takes a lot of influence from the distortions around him, one example of which is Shaukat Khanum and another example is his entry into politics. Imran Khan saw the plight of his poor people, traveled to every city in Pakistan, saw that there are two systems in Pakistan, one for the rich and the other for the poor. He raised the slogan of justice and formed a political party called Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf which gave the youth of that time a third option. Imran Khan could not win a single seat in the first election of his party. He managed to win only one seat in the second election. In the third election, Imran Khan asked his party not to participate in the elections. In the fourth election, they won the government in the small province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with a small majority and manipulation. Imran Khan paid special attention to fix the system in Pakhtunkhwa which was badly affected in the war against terrorist, providing facilities to the people. With Imran's continuous struggle, he formed the government in the 2018 elections with a two-thirds majority in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and a slight advantage in the country's major provinces of Punjab and the Federation.

Each of us must remember the thrilling evening of August 2018. history was going to be made. heart's were racing, and the nation of Pakistan, especially it's youth, was on the seventh sky. and why not ? after all, Pakistan was on the verge of entering into a redically new phase. the seventy year's long status quo was on the brink of breaking. And Then.. We received the news regarding the victory of Tehreek e Insaf and its most famous leader, Imran Khan, in the general election of 2018. with this victory, people were delighted. They had been dreaming of a sincere leader of Pakistan, and in the form of Imran Khan, their life long dream came true.

So, when in 2018, his party won the election, and he became the Prime Minister of Pakistan, the expectations were remarkable high. people saw in him a magician who would wipe out every disaster from Pakistan and instantly turn it into a developed country. So, after three years, when the outcomes are not up to the expectations of the commoner, the nation is frustrated. We can't blame them. We can't blame the government either. In fact, in a country where everything is on the verge of just being shunned, transformation can not come overnight and sometimes even in decades.

Imran Khan - The Light of Hope at the End of a Dark Tunnel suppose we overview the performance of Imran Khan's administration during the last four years in that case, we can see lots of positive changes in nearly all the fields. From economy to education, technology to tourism, foreign policy to the national interest, we can see his hard work sincere efforts bringing Pakistan back on track. Bear in mind; all these are long impacted policies; that's why outcomes are not evident  immediately, but we will witness them in upcoming years.


So let's take a look at the 100 best policies and achievements of Imran Khan after becoming the Prime Minister, which could have brought Pakistan back on the right track.

  1. Construction Amnesty Scheme :The government of Pakistan had announced the construction amnesty scheme for the construction industry of Pakistan. This scheme was launched in 2019.  In this scheme, one can invest their tax-free money in construction projects across Pakistan. The scheme was very successful as it not only increased the circulation of money but also increased the employment ratio.
  2. First Time Pakistan made smartphone exportedPakistan exported around 5500 4G smartphones to the UAE which were completely made in Pakistan. Imran Khan's pro-business policies made this milestone possible in just three years of becoming Prime Minister. Imran Khan was trying to adopt 'Made in Pakistan' strategy to promote the country's economy. Additionally, around 21 international mobile companies were allowed to manufacture and assemble smartphones in Pakistan.
  3. Progress on CPEC projects.
  4. New Dams Construction.
  5. New Legislation for the protection of women.
  6. New legislation against money laundering.
  7. Current account deficit.
  8. Foreign Reserves.
  9. Foreign Remittance.
  10. Karachi nuclear power plant 2.
  11. One  nation-one curriculum.
  12. Kamyab Jawan Program.
  13. Electric Vehicle Policy.
  14. Reforms in Bureaucracy.
  15. Best ties with armed forces in history.
  16. Ehsas Emergency Relief Fund.
  17. Production of medical equipment.
  18. New hydropower Projects.
  19. High-speed Broadband services for backward areas.
  20. Roshan Digital Account initiative.
  21. Ehsas Undergraduate Scholarship.
  22. Ehsas Nashunama Program.
  23. Ehsas Amdan Program.
  24. Ehsas Langar.
  25. Sehat Card.
  26. APNA Ghar housing.
  27. Panagah ( Shelter homes).
  28. Overseas Voting Machines.
  29. Less protocol to save hard-earned money.
  30. Small residence instead of lavish PM house.
  31. Auction of Government luxury cars.
  32. Kisan Program.
  33. Ehsas Kafalat Program.
  34. Shuffling in cabinet.
  35. No Compromise on Corruption policy.
  36. Investigation against own allies.
  37. Green stimulus Program.
  38. 1.1 Trillion Karachi package.
  39. Karachi circular train inauguration.
  40. Karachi BRT.
  41. Kashmir policy.
  42. Development Funds for Tribal areas.
  43. Firm Stand on blasphemy and Islamophobia.
  44. Khan's Globally Recognized Addresses On The International Forums.
  45. Blue Economy package for Karachi under CPEC.
  46. Pakistan's Addition in Methane  Pledge Club.
  47. 6th most popular world Leader.
  48. Increased Exports.
  49. Citizen portal app.
  50. Kartarpur Corridor Opening.
  51. Effective Foreign Policy.
  52. On arrival visa policy for 45 countries.
  53. Gilgit Baltistan Development and Provincial status.
  54. New Tourist Hotspot-Pakistan.
  55. TV channel to fight Islamophobia.
  56. Release of Pakistani Prisoner from foreign jails
  57. Huge investments in the Textile Industry.
  58. Registration of Madrassa.
  59. Firm stand on Palestine.
  60. Prevention of deadly war with India.
  61. German Airlines resumes flight operations.
  62. Minimum wage for labors.
  63. Biometric verification for dollar purchase.
  64. BRT Peshawar.
  65. 66.3x more Roads than former governments.
  66. New universities.
  67. Highest Tax Revenue.
  68. Pension increment.
  69. Less expensive foreign visits.
  70. No more ' Do More'.
  71. Privatization of Steel Mills.
  72. Allama Iqbal Industrial City Inauguration.
  73. UNHRC Re-election.
  74. Digital Pakistan Initiative.
  75. NAB recoveries in corruption cases.
  76. Crypto Currency Policy.
  77. Eco- Resorts establishment.
  78. Special care for Balochistan.
  79. National language promotion.
  80. Air safari resume to boost Tourism.
  81. New health care centers Inauguration.
  82. Local Car Assembling Plants.
  83. Pakistan Space Program.
  84. Clean Green Program.
  85. Al-Beruni Radius Initiative to promote Pakistani heritage.
  86. Climate-friendly projects.
  87. Federal Government Properties Management Authority (FGPMA).
  88. Debt relief during COVID-19.
  89. SME Asaan Finance Scheme.
  90. Pakistan pavilion in Dubai Expo 2021-2022.
  91. Improved Ease of Doing Business Global Ranking.
  92. Chinese investment in the petrochemical industry.
  93. Greater budget for education.
  94. Billion Tree Honey Initiative.
  95. Crackdown against Land grabbers.
  96. Power Relief Package for industries.
  97. STEM pilot project.
  98. Effective tackling of COVID-19.

Overall, Imran Khan's government was not bad at all, it was a mess created over seventy years. So the cleansing process will take a long time. We can't expect Imran Khan to wave a magic wand and make everything alright instantly. Countries and nations take centuries to reform and to become prosperous. Similarly, Pakistan has a long way to go before it reaches the peak of success that we have always dreamed of.


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