Nothing beats the relaxation we get from an oil massage for hair! It is not the first time you will be reading about the benefits of oil massage for hair. Mothers and grandmothers have been praising the benefits of oil for the hair forever. Oil massage is a definite need to nurture the hair. Hair oiling is the practice of pouring oil onto hair and massaging it into the scalp to increase moisture, luster, and shine. Oils play an important role in protecting hair from regular wear and tear. Massaging the oil on the scalp helps in opening your pores for excellent oil absorption. Regular oil massages can also overturn the harmful effects of the chemicals and hair medications. Not only this, but it also increases blood circulation, strengthens roots, and improves hair growth. Oiling hair regularly reduces hygral fatigue Trusted Source, or the swelling and drying of hair. Oils protect the follicle from surfactants by filling the gap between cuticle cells. “Oil helps in scalp health. When you gently massage the scalp it helps in exfoliation and sometimes that helps in reducing hair fall, oils have fatty acids that help replace lipids in the hair. “Lipids play a very important role in making the hair look and feel healthy. They help maintain the shine and gloss of hair,” Hair oiling may soften the hair and provide vitamins and minerals that get stripped from frequent washing. There are also specific techniques to hair oiling, as well as different oil types you can use to get benefits. Apply oil on your scalp and massage with fingertips using a circular motion. Apply the oil left on your palms to your hair. Cover with a towel or shower cap and leave on overnight. If you've never used a hair oil before, applying it for the first time can be a baffling experience. It's important to keep in mind that hair growth begins with a healthy scalp.

Benefits of Using Natural Oils in Hair

From improving dry scalp and hair loss issues to adding shine and protecting against damage, natural oils offer a green way to care for your hair. The use of natural oils is also good for the environment and your overall health, since it reduces exposure to harmful chemicals. Here are some of the many benefits of using natural oils in your hair care routine.


Hair needs a variety of nutrients to keep growing in a healthy fashion. This balance of nutrition can be accomplished by the hot oil massage. It moisturizes the scalp from deep within and leaves no room for dryness. Hot oil massages into your regular hair care routine can benefit your hair in many ways. A hot oil massage is not only relaxing but also promotes your hair health. Everyone can benefit from applying hot oil to their hair, no matter their hair type. You could use this hot oil treatment three times a week or once a week. Hot oil massage relaxes the scalp and imparts an amazing shine to the hair.   

Below are a few other benefits of an oil massage.


Oil massage could help you strengthen your hair. Oil massage increases the blood circulation in your scalp and stimulates the transfer of the nutrients to your hair roots, thus strengthening the hair. Good oil can also unclog pores, allowing better absorption of nutrients and boosting hair growth. Lemongrass oil is an essential oil derived from an herb in the Poaceae grass family. It contains many vitamins and minerals that are great for the hair. Lemongrass oil has healing qualities and works well for a variety of hair and scalp issues. Lemongrass oil is also proven to strengthen hair follicles and prevent and reduce hair loss. Biotin is also called vitamin H or water-soluble vitamin B. It helps in strengthening your hair and thus prevents hair fall and hair thinning.


Dandruff in hair is a result of dry scalp. Hot oil massage treats the dry scalp and removes the dead skin cells. Make sure to incorporate hot oil massage for dandruff. Dandruff, which is caused by scalp dryness, is one of the main reasons for hair fall. It damages roots, causes itching and hair breakage. A regular oil massage for hair keeps your scalp nourished and stimulates oil glands to generate more natural oil. When sufficient oil is produced, it keeps your scalp moisturized and healthy, thus preventing dandruff. Jojoba oil hydrates the hair deep within, moisturizing and treating the hair follicles from the inside. It also treats dandruff and dry scalp problems, as well as adds shine and softness.


Premature hair greying is another common hair concern faced by teens and adults these days. It can happen when your body doesn't produce enough melanin. The more the concentration of the melanin, the darker the hair color. And the lack of melanin in hair results in graying .Massage provides adequate blood flow and nourishment to the hair follicles that retain the hair color by producing melanin. Regular oiling also forms a defensive sheath across the hair strands. Due to this, our hair gets the much-needed protection from the UV rays and pollution (one of the main factors that can contribute to hair lightening). A combination of ginger oil, lavender oil, and sesame oil can manage grey hair and help reverse the graying process.


Oil massaging your scalp facilitates blood circulation, which soothes nerves and capillaries. Oiling hair regularly relaxes the body and mind, improves mood, and alleviates stress. As stress is the main contributor to hair loss, oil massages could boost hair growth too. The soothing aroma of Lavender essential oil helps you calm your nerves and has a relaxing effect when applied on hair. it is lavender’s ability to uplift your mood in no time! Yes, it’s true—the scent of lavender can work its magic on your mood. So, if you are a little overwhelmed or perpetually stressed, lavender essential oil will ease all your worries, and make you super happy!


Just as the skin requires protection from the harsh weather and sun, the hair also needs good shielding. Oil massages could help create a protective layer for the hair strands so that the hair develops resistance and doesn't get damaged. The hair must go through a lot of exposure to harmful chemicals, dyes and heat as well. All this leaves our hair dull and brittle. The damage can be reversed by massaging the scalp with hot oil. Therefore, when the oil gets absorbed deep into the scalp, it nourishes your hair tissues and follicles from within. Olive oil does indeed have rich, moisturizing properties that are amazing for your hair. It coats the shaft of your hair and acts as a heat protectant, as well as conceals the damaged hair strands, giving a sleeker look. Olive oil for hair will leave it looking stronger, healthier, and shinier.


Applying hot oil to your hair forms a protective sheath over it that prevents the harmful UV rays from damaging your hair. It moisturizes your hair from within, which helps reduce fly aways and frizz. Regular massaging of hot oil on your scalp and hair remedies the problem of fizziness. Argan oil, also known as Moroccan oil, is extracted from nuts of the argan tree found in Morocco, and will do wonders for your hair. Argan oil is jam packed with beneficial ingredients like vitamin E, ferulic acid, and fatty acids, as well as antioxidants, which fight UV rays, and hair cell damage. Just a few drops of argan oil will not only protect your hair from heat, but will nourish and moisturize it, reducing dryness, and frizziness.


A healthy scalp leads to less hair fall. Hot oil massage significantly improves hair health. Split ends are one of the many reasons that obstruct hair growth. They inhibit growth. The issue of split ends can be resolved by hot oil massage. All you have to do is massaging the oil on your scalp and work it through the tips of your hair. Hair fall is the direct consequence of unhealthy hair and scalp. A healthy scalp doesn't shed hair follicles. An oil massage can significantly improve scalp and hair health, thus decreasing hair loss. Split ends are also one of the main inhibitors hair growth and they can also be treated with a hot oil massage. Coconut oil is pretty much the holy grail of hair oil. It acts as a heat protectant, repairs damaged hair and breakage, helps to prevent hair loss, as well as aids in hair growth. Because of its moisture retaining properties, Coconut Oil stays inside the hair instead of evaporating, making it one of the most effective hair treatments there is.


The clogged pores on the scalp can lead to many problems like irritation, bacterial and fungal infections, etc. These infections can further lead to dandruff and provide a suitable environment for hair lice. A hot oil massage can nourish your scalp and help prevent any infections. Castor oil comes from castor beans and is great for hair growth, because it has vital qualities like vitamin E, minerals, and proteins. Castor oil also contains antioxidants, which support the keratin in hair, making it stronger, smoother, and healthier. If you get this oil, we recommend getting cold pressed (meaning there was no heat involved during the extraction process), 100% pure virgin castor oil. It offers other great benefits such as controlling hair loss, fighting scalp infections.


If the roots are strong, the hair growth will automatically be decent.


Pamper yourself with hot hair oil massage for longer and lustrous hair

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