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Mind is the most important part of our body and personality . Mind is the strongest and most valuable muscle you can grow it. Understand that your brain is like a muscle — regular exercise makes it stronger. Give your mind new challenges. Feed it new knowledge and focus it for longer periods of time. These exercises create new and denser connections of neurons, which will make your mind more powerful. Mind power is one of the strongest and most useful powers you possess.This power, together with your imagination, can create success or failure, happiness or unhappiness, opportunities or obstacles. This depends on your mindset.Mindsets are a series of self perceptions or beliefs people have about themselves. Here we explore mindsets and how to support young people in developing a mindset for improving resilience.The way you feel about every situation that happens in your life depends on the mindset you’re using. Whenever we struggle in our lives, we all have the choice between two different mindsets; the growth mindset and the fixed mindset. One with a growth mindset believes that they can always improve with more knowledge and practice. They don’t let anything get in the way of their success. When one has a growth mindset, they continue to move forward no matter what the circumstances are because they only see it as an opportunity to do better. They don’t see failure as a setback, they see it as a way to grow.

When one has a fixed mindset, they believe that they have innate abilities that cannot be changed. They view failure as if they were meant to fail. They believe that if they were to succeed at something, then it should just come naturally to them. For instance, they may believe that they aren’t talented or smart enough to accomplish something, so they don’t pursue it. However, if they do try and fail, they may feel that it wasn’t meant for them. It is not true! It’s because they have a fixed mindset. There is always room for more learning and praIf you chose to see your mistakes as a failure, then you may be using a fixed mindset. The good thing though, is that you can make the switch!

 Choose the growth mindset. There is always room to grow no matter what the situation, even if you completely fail. If anything, failure is actually a good thing. It is giving you an extra push and more practice to make you even better at what you want to do. So, don’t be afraid of failure, because if you look at it with a growth mindset, you’ll see it as an opportunity to learn more and improve. You always have the choice to move forward. Don’t let failure discourage you. You are the one who gets to determine what step to take next!


 You can succeed at anything you desire if you choose to never give up. That is the key to success. You must keep going no matter what. Failure happens to everyone. It’s impossible not to make any mistakes. If you look at failure as an opportunity to learn and grow, then you will do so. If you choose to look at failure as a sign to not go any further, then you may have missed an amazing opportunity that could have been.


 Keep moving forward, never give up, and choose the growth mindset.

Growth Mindset Quotes That Will Inspire Your Success and Happiness

Peace of mind is not a goal I need achieve. It’s a place inside I never want to leave. Close my eyes, I still my thoughts and then I say I will choose to live in peace today. Robert Alan Silverstein

Make Peace Of Mind Your Priority.Peace is a state of mind Promise yourself to be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.Peace of mind is clearly an internal matter. It must begin with your own thoughts, and then extend outward. It is from your peace of mind that a peaceful perception of the world arises.We must be kind and patient with ourselves while we learn and grow. We don’t bloom overnight!Remind your students regularly that their intelligence is not fixed. When things are difficult, their brain grows just like their garden –  as long as they don’t give up!


“A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it is not open.” ― Frank Zappa

A parachute is not too effective when it is not open, and the surrounding air is not able to fill its canopy. This image is being compared to the mind. Apparently Zappa held the opinion that a closed-minded individual is doomed to failure. Having an open mind, and allowing other ideas to enter in allows for your horizons to expand and flourish. Of course this analogy does not address critical thinking, but it is a healthy start.

Your mind is a magnet. You don't attract what you need or what you want; you attract who you are. And I love who I am! Carlos Santana

The mind acts like a powerful magnet. It can attract things, people and situations, and it can also repel them. This depends on your attitude, and how positive or negative you are. If you think of blessings, you will attract blessings. If you think of problems, you will attract problems. Always think good thoughts and always stay positives.

Your mind is the garden, your thoughts are the seeds, the harvest can either be flowers or weeds. - William Wordsworth

Your Mind Is Like a Garden.Imagine your mind like a garden and your thoughts are the seeds.You get to choose what seeds you plant in it.You can plant seeds of positivity, love, and abundance.Or you can plant seeds of negativity, fear, and lack.You can also spend time trying to take care of everyone else’s garden.Or you can work on making yours beautiful and attract other beautiful people to your garden.There is a saying, “Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds. You can grow flowers, or you can grow weeds” The choice is ours!Those weeds in our garden? They are negative thoughts that have taken root! If we do not regularly weed our garden, what we water will grow.We can’t always control what seeds fall in our garden, but we can choose which to water with our attention. Just like a garden, your mind needs daily attention, and it’s your choice where to direct it.

“Happiness depends on your mindset and attitude.”― Roy T. Bennett,

In life there is the good and the bad, and a lot of things in between. The bad things can’t always be fixed, but you can try. You can't generally control conditions. Nonetheless, you can generally control your frame of mind, approach, and reaction. Your alternatives are to whine or to look forward and make sense of how to improve the circumstance. “Happiness is the consequence of what we do and how we behave,” “So when a person who is unhappy shifts their focus and does something different they help themselves to become happier. Trying to think yourself happier is difficult, happiness comes when you change what you do.” 

Keep moving forward, never give up, and choose the growth mindset.


Just keep going and keep on growing!


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