First Story Publishing of Ibne Safi

First Story Publishing of Ibne Safi:


Abne Safi was very famous Author of Urdu Spy novel series. He wrote two types of Spy series. First type's Hero was colonel Faridi, so it was being famous as Faridi Series. First we talk about Colonel Faridi who is super intelligent personality but very simple though he is a heir of a Lord family. Faridi was very serious n devoted to his Country so he joined military intelligence. Faridi joins intelligence as an ordinari inspector so he can serve Country n learn too. After a time he gets their assistant Sargent Hamid who is a genius but naughty in a nature. Colonel Faridi Chose him as an personal assistant who lives at his home. But by their nature Sargent Hamid makes situations laughful though he is in really denger. In fact it was the style of Ibne Safi which gets him an unforgetable place amongest spy Novalists. Let's talk some more about colonel Faridi who gets awarded by an honorary Colonel soon by his great efforts n his assistant gets awarded by as an honorary Captain. But yet they were serving their Country with more efforts.

 Ibne Safi created one more character of Ali Imran who got famous more than Colonel Faridi. Other's Hero was Ali Imran, so it series was being famous as Imran Series. Ali Imran was a person who was sent to Oxford to become Scientist. He completed their PHD yet but it afterwards becomes a Spy or Secret agent who is opposite to Colonel Faridi. Ali Imran's Father was director general of Central Intelligence, it was the main reason which led to Ali Imran becomes an secret agent. But Ali Imran don't follow any sophisticated or general but socalled rules of Society. He even dislikes to dress up like a well off person or an educated but rude person. So no one can think about that he is an agent or even X2 who is chief of secret service.

 Ibne Safi got place as a legend in Spy Novel's Authors. It's real name was Israr n he started using "Narvi" as suffix but when he started to write Faridi Series he chose the name of Ibne Safi n got fame with this Pen Name.

Ibn Safi has very interestingly described the publishing of his first story and the reaction of the entire household.  As a result of starting studies of literature at a very  young age, the author began to have different types of dreams all the time.  In terms of age, he was infirm but very innocent, but soon his nature turned to writing.


 Then one day I also wrote a story, this was when I was studying in the seventh standard.  I sent this story to be published in the weekly "Shahid" Bombay, Mr. Adil Rashid was the editor of this journal.  They mistook me for an old man and published my name along with the story something as.

 "The result of the authors's thought/feelings, Painter of Emotions Noble Mr Israr Narvi"

 As soon as the story was published, I became famous so in the house but not a respectful person. The elders of the house started addressing something in this way when they want to get some water by me.

  1.  "Hey, the painter of emotions! Just bring a glass of water."

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