Awareness of Lunch In Students

Health Is Wealth. Healthy body has healthy mind. But our kids not understand this statement. Our Mothers guide their kids but they didn't understand. Our kids health is going down day by day .So we should carefully think about it .The main body that do something are our Teachers. Our teachers can play an important role to remove health issues. Our school teachers should check lunch box of their students on daily basis and motivate students fto eat healthy food. Teachers make a chart where all lunch details are mentioned for students. Our kids are so far from chapati,milk,eggs and meat. They like snacks,burger,shawarma etc.At this time teachers play important role as compared to mothers. Teachers arrange many activities for students and motivation them to eat healthy food and in classroom also  make a clap for those students who eat healthy food.Teachers also decide days for the variety of lunch box  for example  today is Partha day etc .Teachers also guide students that healthy eating in childhood means they will have less chance of diseases and they can kill dirty germs easily.Sound body has a sound mind no one can get success with weak body.So I request to all teachers make to  effort for this. Teachers can do this easily because students respect their teachers and accept their suggestions. So Our teachers can make our kids strong and healthy.

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Naila Latif - Oct 20, 2022, 7:22 AM - Add Reply

Take care of your kids

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Naila Latif - Oct 26, 2022, 7:15 AM - Add Reply

read this and send message to all school teachers

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